About Us


This site was created to make it easier to sell the stickers. Extreme Sport Stickers shop have been supplying stickers at very affordable prices for customers who have a extreme style since July 2014.
Stickers are light and easy to transport.  this site only sell for stickers it allows low postage costs. You don’t have to wade through so many other products to find what you are looking for, all stickers are in straightforward categories as well as that the site has a very powerful search system to take you directly to what you are looking for.
When we choosing our products we make sure that they are of the best quality because we want to you be happy with products you receive. Our reputation with our products prove our commitment to selling only quality goods at the best prices we can.
The business located in centre of Chiangmai but our customers are came from all over the world. We hope you enjoying our products and the service. Please buying in online shop because Extreme Sport Stickers have no shops or showrooms to visit directly.